Aldi Is Launching Halloumi Burger Slices And They Look Incredible



Halloumi came from almost nowhere a few years ago to develop into one of the nation’s favourite cheeses, to the extent where people go to Nando’s and just order it on their own now. Or just have it in a wrap on its own at the takeaway. It’s delicious and it looks like it’s here to stay.

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One of the most popular options out there is to whack some halloumi on your burger, but it’s actually normally pretty difficult to do this yourself as most halloumi blocks are too small to put one big piece on and you end up putting on two or three. That’s not a huge problem, but you know, it’s not ideal and so you’ve gotta be thankful to Aldi (again) for introducing these halloumi burger slices.

They cost a cool £1.59 for 200g or 4 slices and the taste has been described as ‘smooth and tangy’ and ‘perfect for grilling and barbecues’. They hit Aldi stores on Tuesday so should be available in your local if you head down right now – if they’re not sold out that is.

I know this might not seem like that big a deal now, but imagine showing up to the next BBQ you attend (probably this weekend) with a pack of those and whacking them on your burger whilst everyone else has to use some of those crappy plastic cheese slices from Tesco. You really would be the talk of the town. Carpe diem baby.

For more halloumi, check out Aldi’s halloumi fries. They’re really on a halloumi overload right now but man, I’m not complaining.


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