Aldi Are Launching Foot Long Pigs In Blankets This Christmas



Everybody knows that pigs in blankets are by far and away the best part of Christmas dinner – there’s no point in even talking about it or debating it or explaining why because literally nobody in the history of the world has ever had a differing opinion to that except for maybe vegans/vegetarians and their opinions don’t really count anyway. They’re just that good.

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I had previously thought that it was impossible to improve on the standard formula for them of a cocktail sausage wrapped in a small piece of bacon, but of course Aldi had to come out and show me that there was a massive upgrade that could be made fairly simply. All they’ve done is turn the original pig in blanket into a foot long version but boy does it look good and boy do I want a bunch of them on my plate this December 25th. Might even sub it for the turkey to be honest.

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Mmmmm. Unfortunately Aldi are keeping it traditional and not selling these badboys until December 6th which normally I would respect – you can’t start celebrating Christmas and getting ready for it in September – but considering I want pigs in blankets to be a year long fixture, I think it’s OK for me to feel slightly aggrieved that I’m going to have to wait so long to try these out. Me and the rest of the country I bet.

When they are finally available to purchase though, they’re gonna cost £2.99 for a pack of two. That sounds kinda expensive, but I suppose when a sausage roll from Greggs is about 70p it’s not actually that bad. Just expected my boys in Aldi to be a bit cheaper, that’s all.

For more pigs in blankets, check out this pig in blanket hot dog. So much you can do with them, I was completely wrong.


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