Aldi Is Bringing Back The 1Kg Tomahawk Steak And 16oz Big Daddy Steaks

TOmahwak Steak

Summer is finally here.

Aldi is well known for doing some of the most outrageous food deals of all time and in news that will be welcomed by everyone, it’s been announced that they’re bringing back two of their all time greats.

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The 1kg Tomahawk Steak and 16oz Big Daddy Steak are absolutely legendary meat items and we were all annoyed when the limited edition cuts sold out super quick and many of us never got to sample them. The good news is that Aldi is bringing them back for the summer so you can whack them on your BBQ, but the bad news is that they’re also featuring in the ‘special buy’ section which again means that stock is limited. You’ve gotta be quick.

Big Daddy Steak

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If you’re wondering about the details then the Tomahawk Steak will set you back a whopping £13 – that might sound price but just think about how much meat you’re getting there – whilst the Big Daddy Steak will cost a more reasonable £4. If you’re counting the calories this summer then the Tomahawk Steak is again a monster 2530 calories and the Big Daddy Steak is just 500.

I know some of you out there are thinking it, so please if you manage to get your hands on a Tomahawk Steak, send us a video of you eating it all. We’ll send you a prize or something.

For more great deals, check out the Big Daddy Breakfast that Morrisons just brought out. It’ll fill you up for the whole day.


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