An Air India Passenger Is Claiming That A Cockroach Was Cooked Into His In Flight Meal


The worst airline food ever.

It’s safe to say that airplane food is usually some of the worst out there and you know that this is what you’re going to get every time you fly, but damn at least they should be attempting to serve up what they’re claiming to give you, right?

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This wasn’t the case for Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan when he recently flew from Bhopal to Mumbai via Air India, as he’s claiming that he found a giant cockroach in his food.

Since the crew members were not listening, I returned it to them. I even objected to their serving food to others, but to no avail.

I mean that doesn’t look THAT much like a cockroach to me and I’m kinda confused how he even realised it was a cockroach in the first place. Not really convinced and kinda sceptical that this guy is actually telling the truth to be honest.

Not really surprised that the flight staff told him to leave them alone too if there’s not really any evidence for this either and literally nobody else on the plane was complaining either. Sounds like the dude was tripping or just a troublemaker. Fair play to them.

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