Air Hostess Fired For Being “Too Raunchy” After These Photos Were Leaked To Her Boss

I don’t know about you but I’ve never been fired for being “too raunchy”. I still hope that one day I will be.

“Too raunchy?” I thought that was the point of air hostesses? In my book they have three jobs to do: bring me food, look nice and save me if we’re heading rapidly into the sea. And I’m not being sexist here, the same goes for the fellas, they’re all buff and trimmed. Not a hair out of place for either gender.

But, things are a bit different in Turkey as Zuhal Sengul, the “raunchy” air stewardess found out to her disappointment. Turkish Airlines are on a bit of a push to become even more conservative than they already are and Sengul suffered because of it.

Zuhal Şengül - Air Steward Fired - Raunchy

Sengul didn’t actually do anything wrong at work either which sounds a touch unfair, it’s not like she was pole-dancing in the cockpit or flashing a nipple during dinner service. She actually got fired for photoshoots she took part in outside of working hours and completely unrelated to Turkish Airlines. That seems a bit harsh doesn’t it?

Sengul’s photo-shoots had initially flown under the Turkish Airline’s radar, but when a video she made for some terrible rock band came out the teeth and feathers flew. Sengul is all tattoos and cleavage, and for an airline that briefly banned lipstick for being too OTT, this was all too much:


Just FYI, Sengul is a black belt in karate and a campaigner for veganism. I think she’s a pretty cool chick. It’s a piece of piss to be “liberal” and get your wabs out in the UK, but doing anything dodgy in an Islamic country is actually pretty ballsy.

Check out the photos of Sengul on the next page, just so you can decide whether or not she is sackably raunchy or not.

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