VIDEO: Woman With AIDS Had No Idea That White People Could Catch The Disease

Rachel Dilley

Rachel Dilley appeared on This Morning talking about AIDS and admits that she had no idea that white people could catch it.

I don’t really know what to say about this. Obviously it’s pretty horrific that this woman has AIDS – and it was seemingly given to her by a man she was in a relationship with – but it’s also horrifically stupid how ignorant and retarded she was about it.

Not about the fact that she had unprotected sex with somebody she met on the internet –  I mean who hasn’t done that? – but just about how she didn’t know anything about AIDS and thought that ‘it was a disease that black people from countries like Africa caught’ after seeing an advert on the television. Right.

I don’t want to sound like a dickhead but there was a LOT of information and awareness campaigns going around when I was a kid about it so it seems amazing that she completely missed out knowing anything about it considering how big a deal it was. There was literally stuff plastered everywhere and all over the TV. Has she seriously not even heard of Philadelphia (the movie)? Or seen Grange Hill or any other TV show that dealt with it?

I feel really sorry for her to be honest, and not just because she has AIDS.

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