The AeroMobil 3.0 Is The Flying Car You’ve Been Waiting For

AeroMobil Flying Car

It won’t be long until traffic jams are a thing of the past.

Yes, the AeroMobil is a flying car and yes, it’s almost available which is why this promo video has been made. With the hoverboard finally making it to market this year too (or Kickstarter at least), it really seems like the future is now and we’re living it, finally.

Although almost is a slight exaggeration – there’s probably a lot more testing for it to go through and when it does come out it will probably cost a bomb anyway – the flying car is working and is very near to its final design. All of its components are what the company intends to use when it’s actually made for sale with the wheels, body and wings all made from advanced composite materials that make it as aerodynamic as possible. They’ve also incorporated the main features the car will offer into this model which include an autopilot option, advanced avionics equipment and an emergency parachute deployment system.

They’re testing it out in actual real life flight conditions now and will continue to do so until they’re happy with its performance. It can’t be soon enough if you ask me because I can’t wait to beat the traffic and start flying around in my car – it’ll be like Futurama in real life and when you watch the video you’ll see how breathtaking it actually looks.


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