You Can Now Visit An Adult Ball Pit Serving Unlimited Prosecco And Meatballs


Need to visit immediately.

We featured an adult ball pit bar in America a few months ago on the site, so I figured it wouldn’t be too long until we heard about one popping up in London and I was exactly right. But I’m not sure I was ready for just how awesome it was going to be.

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The ball pit bar is called BallieBallerson and it’s located up in Dalston (obviously) with a pit that has over 200,000 balls in it. The place opened up this weekend and consists of two floors – one has the ball pit on it, whilst the other is a restaurant serving up food based around balls like thick beef meatballs and deep fried cheese balls.

It gets even better though as BallieBallerson is offering a bottomless brunch option which sounds completely and utterly sick. It costs £35 and is three hours long and consists of one hour in the ball pit drinking prosecco, one hour of bottomless spaghetti and meatballs, and then another hour of unlimited drinks in the bar.

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you’re not enough of a baller (sorry) to spend £35 on getting drunk and frolicking around a ball pit, then the price of a regular ticket is just £5, which seems completely reasonable.


If you’re a germaphobe, then you’ll also be pleased to hear that the balls are some of the cleanest that have ever been present in adult ball pits. That’s thanks to some revolutionary cleaning system called the GobbleMuffin, that disinfects balls at a rate of 18,000 balls an hour. Rapid. So if that was putting you off going then don’t let it. You’ve gotta be quick though – it’s only going to stay open until December 31st.

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