There’s An Adult Ball Pit Park Where You Can Get Wasted And Play In The Ball Pit

Ball Pit Bar

Dreams can come true.

I don’t think about it a lot, but every now and then I do think that it might be really fun to go and mess around in one of those ball pits that you used to hang out in when you’re a kid, but obviously I can’t really do that now because I’m an adult.

Well, apparently that’s no longer the case. A guy called Ryan Lum from San Francisco has set one up at a place called Romper Room and made it even better because it was also a bar. So you could get absolutely wasted and play around in a ball pit. Perfect, right?

Here’s what Ryan had to say about organising it all:

It took a little over a year to actually make it happen as the biggest obstacle was trying to raise enough money to purchase 40,000 ball-pit balls.

After several failed crowdfunding attempts, I decided to just start selling tickets to [the] event that didn’t even exist. It took a long time trying to raise the money but it was all worth it in the end.

If you say so mate. Check out the highlights video below:

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Hmmm. I mean it looks OK but I get the idea it would be the kind of thing where I would be kinda excited beforehand and then I’d get there and after about one drink just be like ‘meh, this is kinda cool, but I think I’d rather go drink in a real bar.’ Having said that, it might be easier to hook up with a girl because I could just throw balls at them until they realised I like them, just like back in the playground.

Unfortunately, the bar was only open last Friday and Saturday, so if you really wanted to attend I don’t think it’s going to be a regular thing just yet. Having said that, it sounds like Ryan enjoyed it so much he might look at making it permanent. Fingers crossed – it would probably be wroth going once although that $30 entrance fee is a bit off putting.

In the meantime, if pretending you didn’t grow up is your thing then maybe check out the Cadbury Creme Egg cafe in London instead.


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