Adele Reveals She Has Lost A TON Of Weight As She Thanks Frontline Coronavirus Workers

Now that’s impressive.

It’s been a while since anyone has seen or heard from Adele, and that’s probably because she’s been kicking her own ass in the gym and shedding loads of flab which has resulted in a brand new look she showed off earlier this week.

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Adele shared this photo on Instagram to celebrate her 32nd birthday last night and also to give props to first responders and essential workers doing their thing during the pandemic:

Wow, big up Adele! The amazing part is that even something as worthy of praise as Adele losing all that weight has sparked a whole bunch of arguments on Twitter. Seems some people believe that congratulating Adele is re-enforcing negative body ideals. Sigh…

Jesus. Can’t you just let everyone be happy for the girl for 2 minutes and then move on with our lives? Losing all that weight is a great accomplishment that has probably prolonged Adele’s life and will allow her to enjoy it more. Imagine if Adele turned up with this new look after working so hard to achieve it and nobody congratulated her on it? That would just be weird and unnatural.

Anyway, let’s hope her pipes are still in working order. I know she’s not short on cash but maybe now she can finally spend a little less time in the gym and more in the studio.

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