Gemma Collins Looks ‘Slimmer Than Ever’ In Isolation Following Boyfriend’s ‘Fat’ Jibes

People are saying she’s ‘unrecognisable’.

Last year Gemma Collins was fat-shamed by her own boyfriend James Argent after he text her during an argument and called her a ‘fat lump’ and said she had ‘more rolls than Greggs’.

Vicious stuff for sure, but apparently this was the kick up the bum Gemma Collins needed to whip herself into shape and she has been doing just that ever since.

This week, while filming new show Diva in Lockdown at her Essex mansion (so maybe not quite isolating then), Gemma leaked an image of her physical transformation on Instagram Stories and all the media outlets are lapping it up. Are you ready to see the new and improved Gemma Collins? You sure?


What’s that you say? The picture is heavily Photoshopped and airbrushed and she has a ton of make-up on and you can’t really tell the difference? Well that’s one way of looking at it, but websites like The Sun and The Mirror are calling her ‘unrecognisable’ and ‘slimmer than ever’ so maybe they’re right and you’re wrong.

Gemma also plugged £250 SkinnyJab injections – which claims to suppress the appetite and helps the body turn stored fat into energy. I don’t know how legit that stuff is but Gemma says she’s lost over three stone so fair play to the girl. Apparently her ideal weight is 12 stone, so good for her if she can pull it off. Why not? We’re rooting for her.

Meanwhile, Arg has absolutely smashed his own weight loss program and lost 5 stone in a year, going from this…

To this…

Gotta respect that. Come on Gemma, that’s all the motivation you need right there.

For the time James Argent begged a Twitter troll to leave him alone after she constantly gunned him over his weight, click HERE. Bet she’s not saying shit now.


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