Adam Johnson Demands Prison Transfer After Discovering Gang’s Plan To Slit His Throat


Things have gone from bad to worse for him.

Adam Johnson has requested a prison transfer after discovering a gang’s plan to slit his throat.

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The former Sunderland football player has already been moved to a separate unit at Moorland Prison for his own safety. Johnson was allegedly tipped off by another inmate that he was the target of a ‘shank’ plan to slash him with a makeshift knife.

Makeshift knife

However, Johnson is not happy and wishes to be moved to another jail. A ‘source’ said:

He is in bits. The other lag was doing him a favour by tipping him off but it has left Johnson beside himself with worry.

He doesn’t know when or how the attack will come but he was told there was a plot to slice his throat.

He is desperate for a move from Moorland and has been talking about putting in a transfer request.

Adam Johnson

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Sounds like things have gone from bad to worse for Johnson. It can’t feel good to go from being a highly paid and successful professional football player with a beautiful wife and kid to being a publicly shamed paedo who has to spend the next several years watching his back at fear that someone’s going to slit his throat. And the worse thing is he’s only got himself to blame. How the mighty have fallen.


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