Adam Johnson Gives Court The Perfect Excuse For Why He Had Dick Pics On His Phone



With the evidence that’s already mounted up against him — from embarrassing Whatsapp messages to his admission that he was attracted to his 15-year-old superfan — it must be a case of damage mitigation for Adam Johnson at this point.

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Today in court he was asked about a photo of his penis, taken on his phone in August 2013.

Orlando Pownall QC, defending Johnson, said:

It is not being suggested that this picture was taken for fun or that you were going to send it to someone?

Johnson replied:


When Pownall asked why then he had taken the dick pic, Johnson said it was “to show the doctor”. Riiiight.


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Johnson also admitted he knew that the girl he is accused of having sexual actity with was 15 years old, “pretty much as soon as we started talking”.

He elaborated:

When I first saw her at games, like, I got to know her and saw her more.

When asked why he didn’t tell police about their Whatsapp exchange, Johnson explained:

I hoped that she had deleted the messages.

I knew how inappropriate they were and I didn’t know where they were going to leave me if she hadn’t.

Johnson has pleaded guilty to grooming and kissing the 15-year-old, but has denied two more serious charges of sexual activity, more specifically; performing oral sex on her.



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