Adam Johnson Admits He Wanted Sexual Activity With 15 Year Old Girl

Adam Johnson

Don’t know if that’s such a great move mate.

Following on from this morning’s revelations that Adam Johnson is denying that the 15 year old he is accused of grooming had given him a blow job, the former Premiership footballer has this afternoon admitted that he was attracted to the girl and that he was hoping that sexual activity would happen between the two of them on their second encounter.

Guardian journalist Josh Halliday again live tweeted this afternoon’s proceedings:

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Hmm, well there you have it. It looks as though Adam Johnson is going for the classic, ‘yeah I did it but I feel absolutely terrible about it’ defence’. I guess he’s hoping that some of the jury feel sorry for him because he’s a multi millionaire footballer who was bored whilst in a hotel room, so thought he would flirt with a fifteen year old despite just having a kid with his long term girlfriend. And then go and meet said 15 year old and get off with her before he finally realised he had done something wrong. Yeah, not sure how that’s going to pan out for him.

Having said that though, the crucial part of the case is still whether or not this girl gave him a blow job or not and it looks like it’s going to be a straight up ‘who’s lying?’ decision as everything else in both of their stories seem to corroborate each other. Seems like the question of whether a 15 year old girl is lying about giving a Premier League footballer a blow job or not is fairly obvious though as one of those two people have a lot more to lose if it turns out to be true.

We’ll see what other revelations emerge from the trial when it resumes tomorrow. It’s not as cut and dry as the recent outrageous case of a guy being put on trial for a sex attack after he accidentally walked into a women at Waterloo station.


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