Watch This Acrobat Obliterate Himself After Falling From ‘Wheel Of Destiny’ Carnival Ride

Holy sh*t.

You’d think that crystal meth was the main reason most carnival workers have no teeth, but sometimes it’s a result of devastating injury caused by a freak accident when trying to entertain a crowd with stunts that should be way above your pay grade.

Over in Falmouth, Massachusetts the other day, this happened:

Yikes! Did we just watch someone die? Well thankfully, no. According to 7News Boston, acrobat Cyrus Nock suffered three cracked ribs and a punctured lung, which is no joke but it could have been a lot worse.

I mean this guy lost his balance 20 feet up…

And ended up basically crucified in front of horrified onlookers…

The fact he lived to tell the tale is a testament to the durability of circus acrobats. Plus he’s got a sweet viral video out of it too that will live on in internet infamy forever. Reckon circus acrobats in America have decent health insurance or what?

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