Let’s Take A Stroll Through This Year’s Abu Dhabi Weapons Fair: IDEX-2015

In the market for a massive death ray are we, Sir?

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Aaaahhh.. the arms trade, what a joy to behold. Hundreds and thousands of different ways to kill people from far, far away. And up close. America is well renowned for its dirty penchant for firearms, but it’s certainly not alone in the world. Wherever there’s cash, there’s trouble and wherever there’s trouble there’s an opportunity to make a lot of cash out of weaponry.

The annual IDEX weapons fair is attended by chaps and lasses (mostly chaps) from the weapons industry of more than 50 different countries including Greece, Russia, Switzerland, any country that involves an acronym: UAE, USA, UK and even Estonia. All of them showing off their best death rays to a baying crowd of would-be genocidal masochists. It sounds like a lovely time.

Below are a few photos from the exhibition this year. The pictures make me feel cold, hard terror but at the same time it amuses me for some reason and I couldn’t really tell you why? Maybe it’s just a “we’re all soooo doomed” sigh of resignation vibe.

Scroll through the slides below and let me know how you feel about it. I mean, there’s horror of course, but there’s also a kind of intriguing Orwellian, NWO, Blade Runner vibe to it all:

IDEX 2015 Abu Dahbi - Action Display

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