Strange But Dull New Estonian Sport – Kiiking

Kiiking Boy - Estonia Sport

Estonia is 50% forests and their favourite food is black rye-based bread, so I forgive them for this rubbish sport.

Kiiking Boy - Estonia Sport

So, Kiiking is a sport that was invented in Estonia by Ado Kosk around 1996. I’d not heard of Kiiking before, and it doesn’t seem that many other people have either. And do you know why that is? It’s boring. “So why are you writing about it you plum?” I hear you ask, well it’s more of a challenge I’m offering to you. Allow me to explain.

The premise of this “sport” is to stand on a giant modified swing and then go as high as you can until eventually you swing yourself right over the top. The person that can 360 with the longest arc is the winner. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it, a bit edgy and dangerous. I had an incredibly thorough waltz through the Youtube videos of the sport, but I couldn’t find a single accident. Just people doing it well and being uninjured. Where’s the fun in that? The reason for this lack of bone splintering is that the ropes attached to the swing are replaced by solid bars, and your hands and feet are strapped in, so the danger level is pretty much zero.

Kiiking Girl - Estonian Sport

Basically, your challenge, dear Chirpsers, is either to find a video of them getting injured, or video yourself trying it at home. I don’t care either way. I just want to get something back for the hours I misspent looking for blood that never spurted forth. The closest I got to titillation is the video below, filmed in Finland, where there are females involved, and as they go upside down you catch fleeting glances at their granny pants….. I’m pathetic. So… over to you….

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