Watch This Absolutely Insane Hammer Attack Go Down At A Bradford Chippy


“It’s like the Wild West up here.”

If you’re being chased by a bunch of people around the streets of Bradford, then you’re already in a scary situation. Now bring a hammer into the mix and you’re pretty much going to shit a brick.

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That’s exactly what ended up happening to this guy and I’ve got no idea why. The guy is running down the street being pursued by a gang of people, when he runs into a fish and chips store and locks the door behind him. The gang then smashes the door up with the hammer and breaks the window of a nearby BMW whilst the guy cowers in fear, hoping that they aren’t strong enough to smash the door in.

Seriously scary stuff:

Carnage. It looks like the dude got away that time but I wouldn’t bet against him having had the shit kicked out of him since this video was filmed.

Apparently the damage to the chip shop was going to cost £2000 to fix and the incident is currently being investigated by the police with Det Insp Alan Weekes, of Bradford CID, saying:

We are aware of footage thought to be of the incident circulating on social media and understandably members of the community are concerned about what it would appear to show.

I want to take this opportunity to appeal directly to the local community to identify anyone they see in the footage.

Likewise if they have any information about what happened please come forward. I would also appeal to anyone who has footage to also come forward.

Incidents like this will not be tolerated.

Yeah, sounds like they’re really on top of it. Ahem.

For more hammers, check out this brutal hammer attack in a London hotel from a couple of years ago. Looks like they’re not exclusive to Bradford after all.


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