Aaron Paul’s Two Minute Breaking Bad Recap Is The Perfect Setup For El Camino

Get refreshed.

The Breaking Bad movie El Camino finally drops on Netflix tomorrow and I’m sure that even the most avid Breaking Bad fan may have trouble recalling everything that happened in the series in preparation for it – unless maybe you binge watched the whole series again like a loser – but thankfully Aaron Paul is here with a two minute recap to bring you up to speed.

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Paul was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel last night to hype El Camino when he delivered the monologue – you can check it out below:

Not sure about the backing band bits there and the cheering all the way through it at inopportune parts – they kind of ruin it the whole thing – and to be honest he didn’t really do that good a job of explaining it to people who have never seen it before, but it did remind me of a couple of parts that might be important when watching El Camino. Completely forgot about the two planes crashing to be honest which was kind of a big deal, but I guess so much happened during the show that it is genuinely hard to remember. Didn’t even mention the ricin cigarette or lily of the valley, but hopefully this reminder will be all I need though and he didn’t miss anything else.

For more of the same, check out Aaron Paul answering some of the big questions about El Camino. Get ready.


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