Aaron Paul Reveals What He Thinks Happened To Jesse Pinkman After Breaking Bad

Jesse Pinkman

If anyone’s got an idea, it might be him.

Breaking Bad is one of the most loved TV shows of the past few years, and – as we all know if we’ve actually finished watching it – it ended with Jesse Pinkman driving away from the compound with tears in his eyes.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out what actually happened to Jesse following his escape but one man who’s probably thought about it more than you is the man who played him, Aaron Paul. During a recent AMA on Reddit, Aaron revealed that he saw Jesse’s life ending up in the following way:

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Jesse Pinkman Future

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Yeah. Probably not the happy ending that most of us envisioned for Jesse when he bust through those gates, whichever way you look at it. I kinda saw him getting away and not exactly living happily ever after, but hopefully leading a life that didn’t involve him being on the run and looking over his shoulder for the rest of it.

I guess he did some very bad things during the course of the show though and it all caught up with him, so that’s the best he can hope for. Karma’s a bitch.

Let’s hope that Aaron Paul’s character fares better on his new show The Path, although it doesn’t look likely.


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