Aaron Paul Is In A New TV Show And The Trailer Looks Intense As Hell

Aaron Paul The Path

Must-watch TV.

Aaron Paul hasn’t been a regular on our screens since Breaking Bad finished about three years ago, but he’s set to make his return this Spring in a new series called The Path which will be streamed on Hulu.

The first trailer for the show has just dropped, and although it doesn’t give much away it looks pretty damn intense. The plot revolves around Paul’s character suffering some kind of crisis of faith and becoming involved with some weird cult led Hugh Dancy.

Michelle Monaghan (from the first season of True Detective) shows up as Paul’s wife, whilst Kathleen Turner plays the cult leader’s mother and Rockmond Dunbar plays some kind of detective. Jason Katims – the guy behind Friday Night Lights and Parenthood – is behind this, so you can already see that it’s going to have some pedigree and is probably going to be one of the must-watch TV shows of the year when it drops at the end of March. Take a look below:

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Whoa. I told you it looked intense right? Like I said it didn’t give much away, but it looks like Paul isn’t going to have a very good time joining that weird cult – although it will probably look great the outset and only get weird a few episodes in.

I’m definitely excited about checking it out – if you’re missing Aaron Paul after watching that trailer though, why not check out Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reading the final Breaking Bad script for the first time.


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