Aaron Paul Says You Need To Watch This ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene To Prepare For El Camino

Can’t wait.

Everyone is still buzzing over Netflix’s official announcement of ‘El Camino’ – the Breaking Bad movie that looks like it will be centred around Jesse Pinkman. 

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Aaron Paul took to Twitter earlier to share a scene from the seventh episode of Season 3, which he says will “slowly prepare you all for what’s to come”:

I guess there’s no better way to hype people up for the Breaking Bad movie than to remind them of some of the best scenes from the original series. The acting and chemistry between Jesse and Walt in that scene is just unreal. I know sequels usually have a habit of sucking but I’ve got no doubt that Vince Gilligan is going to smash this one out of the park. 

‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ releases October 11 on Netflix. Here’s the trailer if you missed our post the other day:

For the official Breaking Bad video game coming to smartphones later this year, click HERE.


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