A Teenager Just Punched The Spanish Prime Minister In The Face (VIDEO)

To be fair, this guy sounds a terrible PM.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy might want to send his bodyguards back to security school after a 17-year-old kid rocked up next to him in the middle of a campaign appearance, and punched him hard in the side of the head.

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Watch below:

The kid was detained by security guards then taken away in handcuffs, but seemed pretty happy with the whole thing, giving a big thumbs up as he was led away.


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Rajoy suffered bruising and his glasses were knocked to the ground and smashed. Here’s what his face looked like afterwards:


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Since being appointed Prime Minister back in 2011, Spain has seen its highest unemployment rate since democracy retuned in the 1970s (27%), a housing crisis that resulted in over 400,000 families being evicted, massive cuts to public services, two general strikes and a major financial corruption scandal in which Rajoy was personally implicated.

I’m guessing this 17-year-old kid’s family was affected by at least one of those things.

Still, better to be punched in the face than dragged from the courtroom by your balls, as the Ukrainian PM found out last week.


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