A Nurse Drove Into The Back Of This Motorcyclist Because He Saw Her Using Her Phone

Leah Keyworth

She also had her kid in the car at the time.

Leah Keyworth took road rage to another level while driving in her hometown of Swindon recently after a motorcyclist expressed his disgust at the driver using her mobile phone while behind the wheel.

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The 42 year old nurse didn’t take too kindly to being told off, and decided an appropriate course of action would be to drive straight into the back of the motorcyclist before slapping him across the face and throwing his £300 helmet into the road. Alrighty, then.

Both the helmet and the bike were written off after the collision, and Keyworth drove off without exchanging insurance details. Probably because she was a total dick and it was completely her fault.

By some miracle (or incompetence of our judicial system) she avoided jail, instead she was slapped with a 12 week suspended sentence and £1290 worth of fines and compensation to the biker. The prosecution said that the motorcyclist had:

…approached a pedestrian crossing and stopped. [Ms Keyworth] was unable to and collided with him.

He stepped off his bike and she got out of the car. She pushed him in the chest and then he took off his helmet and placed it on his seat.

She then slapped him in the face and knocked his helmet off into the road, before driving away.

And this woman is a nurse? I can’t help but pity any of her patients. Imagine getting a catheter fitted from someone with that temper – you’d have no genitals left after she was done slapping them about.

How she escaped jail is beyond me, especially when the best her lawyer could come up with was:

He must have said something significant for her to respond in this way.

Then again, maybe he was just too scared to interview the moody bitch before the court case?

All I know is that I’d certainly hate to have her as my nurse. I wouldn’t mind this one, though.


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