A Man Who Vanished 20 Years Ago Just Got Found Tied Up In His Dad’s Basement


Bodies in the basement.

Police in Brazil believe they have found a man who went missing over 20 years ago when he was just 16-years-old in the basement of his father’s house.

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The officers came across Armando de Andrade by accident while searching through homes looking for members of a drug gang. Instead they discovered a skeletal man with long hair and nails – they believe he may have been tied to a bed in a windowless room for two decades.

He was discovered with “enormous” fingernails and toenails and a beard that had grown all the way to his knees. Police chief Celso Marchiori said:

He got up, very impaired and didn’t speak a word. We took him outside and he still didn’t say anything. We didn’t know if he was scared or drugged.

He wasn’t able to identify us as police officers. We called for help and he was taken straight to hospital.

It’s difficult to believe he was in that place for 20 years. It’s a very insanitary place, he wouldn’t have survived. There’s no light at all.

Neighbours in the area in Sao Paulo said how Armando was a regular teenage boy who enjoyed skateboarding and playing guitar. When he disappeared, they assumed he had just moved out, as his family claimed he had moved to another part of the country and was “doing well.”

However, one neighbour, Aparecido Rocha Brasil, reckoned the teenager’s father and stepmother decided to lock him in the room after he started experimenting with alcohol. Probably could’ve done with offering that tidbit about 20 years ago mate.

Armando’s dad has denied the allegations that he has been locked away and said that he had left home at 18 and only just returned last week, when he asked to be locked in the room to break himself free from a drug addiction. Pull the other one mate – how do you explain the fingernails, diminished weight and long beard?

The police are now launching an investigation so no doubt they’ll get to the bottom of this freaky situation soon. Hopefully Armando regains his ability to speak – I bet the dad is shitting it.

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