A Guy Managed To Get A Chopstick Stuck Up His Penis After A Botched ‘Inspection’


If there’s ever anything that looks like it’s wrong with your dick, I think we can all agree that it’s kind of embarrassing to go and get it checked out by a doctor. t I don’t think I would decide to stick a chopstick up there instead to try and sort it out though.

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Nevertheless, that’s what one guy known only as Chen from Hangzhou City, China decided to do after he fell and hit the side of a table and and started peeing blood. He decided to conduct his own investigation using an 18cm long chopstick, sticking it up his dick and into his urethra. I’ve got no idea what he was hoping to achieve by doing that, but that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Chen eventually had to go and visit the hospital in the end though as the chopstick became lodged inside his penis and he was unable to remove it, with any effort directed towards this task leaving him in intense pain. Bet that was a fun trip. I mean just getting tot he hospital, not what happened when he got there.

Scans of the guy’s todger showed that the chopstick was rammed deep inside him, and the medics claimed that it could have been fatal had he continued to push it even further. Doctor Ruan Zhixian said the following:


The chopstick had reached Chen’s rectal wall.

It fortunately did not rupture his rectum though, this would have caused large amounts of bleeding and possibly also sent Chen into shock. It could have proved fatal.

We were able to remove the chopstick from Chen’s penis and he’s now recovering in hospital. We’re unsure of the long term damage to him at this point.

Phew. I hope Chen turns out OK but you’ve really got to have a word with yourself if you think sticking a chopstick up your dick is a way to stop yourself pissing blood. Surely it’s the exact opposite? To be honest I think he was probably engaged in an altogether more perverted activity but was probably too embarrassed to say, and I can’t really blame him. That’s a pretty awkward thing to get caught doing.

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