A Group Of Witches Have Put A Hex On Martin Shkreli

Hubble bubble, Shkreli’s in trouble.

Shkreli’s arrogant behaviour has conjured up so much hatred that a group of witches have actually placed a hex on him. Way to go for being one of the most hated people on the planet.

One of the women, who identifies herself as Howl, said that the move came after they were prompted to do something about his pompous behaviour during his appearance before the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform. She said:

He was smirking, laughing, being a child through the whole trial, and pleading the Fifth (Amendment) to every question.

That was the moment where I realised clearly the justice system is not going to do anything, and even if they do, it’s going to be a minor slap on the wrist for someone of his affluence. So let’s send a broader message.

The craft

She also said how the group were not happy about his decision to increase the HIV treatment drug Daraphim to $750 per pill. Therefore, they took matters into their own hands and placed a hex on him on Ash Wednesday. This involved having a wax effigy of Shkreli as well as hexing oil and herbs. The doll was bound with black fabric as they chanted together. However, instead of performing the ritual to cause harm, it was more for the purpose of restoring balance. Howl said:

When people think of casting hexes, it’s like dark and scary magic, the black arts, and they don’t want to get near that.

When in reality all we’re trying to do is get justice. The hex is not to bring anyone harm, but to make sure justice is served, and that there is a balance, and that balance is restored.

Let’s get together and not just heal ourselves and each other through this process, which is a cathartic process, but also let’s enact justice in a way that we can, as spiritual beings who are empowered to change reality.

Fair enough — although I bet there are a fair few people that would much rather see a hex that could inflict pain upon Shkreli. It’s unsure whether the spell has worked or not although Howl did point out that he lost $15 million over Kanye West’s new album shortly after. Spooky.


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