A Former Mayor Who Raped A Young Girl Gave The Most Horrific Reason For Why He Did It


Come on man.

I don’t think there’s ever an excuse for raping someone – in fact I know there isn’t, I don’t even know why I said that. But as far as completely and utterly pathetic and irredeemable excuses go, saying that the four-year-old girl you had sex with initiated it really must be up there.

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That’s the ‘excuse’ that the former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, Richard Keenan is rolling out at the moment. Keenan – who is apparently a dedicated Christian – is due to stand trial on multiple counts of rape and attempted rape of a child in April next year, but he’s currently checked himself into a psychiatric hospital as he feels suicidal.


It was in this psychiatric hospital that he made the confession in a group therapy session with his family and a social worker. Keenan said that he had sex with the girl multiple times over a three year period, but that the girl initiated sex every time. Kinda glad I wasn’t a fly on the wall in that session.

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Now that Keenan has made this alleged confession and people are talking about it, a judge needs to rule if it’s admissible as evidence in his trial. Obviously there’s patient/client confidentiality to consider, but given the fact it’s been leaked to the newspapers, it seems like it might be very hard to select a juror that wouldn’t already have some kind of bias against Keenan in this. It sounds like he needs to be locked up anyway so that probably wouldn’t bother me too much to be honest, although I suppose everyone deserves a fair trial don’t they?

For more absolutely pathetic ‘excuses’ for rape, click here. Can’t believe people even bother making them to be honest.


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