9 Year Old Boy Slaps His Junkie Mother In The Face Because She’s So Wasted She Can’t Respond To Him

Kid Slaps Junkie Mother


This video is almost as heartbreaking as the one we featured last week of the parents beating up their kid when he came out to them, so if you’re feeling fragile this Monday maybe skip watching it.

I don’t really know many of the details behind it, other than that the mother is mashed off her face and that it’s in America but this really is some horrible stuff for this kid to be dealing with. The pain in his voice as he screams and shouts at her because she won’t woke up really is something else.

Let’s hope he manages to break the cycle and his life doesn’t continue to be like this for its entirety. Hopefully sharing the video might be able to get him some immediate help too as it looks like he’s having an absolutely terrible time. Sobering stuff.


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