An 82 Year Old Man Was Killed After Being Attacked By A Herd Of Cows

You’ve gotta watch out.

Most of our content is probably going to be covering the American riots today, but I had to put in this dumb story about an 82 year old man who was attacked by a herd of cows and ended up dying.

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The assault took place in North Yorkshire yesterday afternoon in a place called Ivescar, near Ingleton. The unnamed man was walking with his 78 year old wife when the cows started laying into him and he was pronounced dead at the scene, whereas his wife was airlifted to a nearby hospital to receive treatment.

Here’s what the official police statement said:

An 82-year-old man, from Foulridge, Pendle, sadly died yesterday after being attacked by a herd of cows.

Emergency services attended and sadly the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman, aged 78, was badly bruised and taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by air ambulance.

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Crazy. I never heard of cows being particularly violent or aggressive towards people, but I guess that in 2020 anything goes. Maybe they were zombie cows that had been affected by COVID or something.

Anyway, if you’re out walking in the country and come across some cows then make sure you stay safe and alert and don’t engage with them unless it’s absolutely necessary. RIP to the guy as well.

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