Cows Break Into Woman’s House And Poo Everywhere Whilst She’s In The Shower

Cow House Poo

This isn’t what you want to be coming out of the shower and finding.

Cows are pretty simple creatures so you can’t really blame them for just taking craps wherever they want – they spend most of their time hanging around in fields wagging their tails and it’s perfectly acceptable for them to do it there so you may as well let them be.

However, when they manage to break into your house whilst you’re in the shower and leave turds lying all over the place then you’re not exactly going to be too happy with them. That’s what happened to Pat Costen, from Guernsey, when she forgot to lock the doors whilst she was enjoying a piping hot shower and a couple of cows from a nearby conservation herd bred to protect grasslands wandered in.

Here’s how Pat described it:

They came in through the kitchen, along the corridor, round the snooker table and into the study where they scattered a pile of my papers.

Then they made their way back along the corridor and into the small TV room where we found them.

There were cow pats everywhere.

Sounds really annoying. And pretty stinky too.

Check out some pictures of the cows and their leftovers on the slideshow. Maybe they should have check rout this video on how to do the perfect poo before they invaded Pat’s house eh?

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