This 7-Year-Old ‘Mini Bruce Lee’ Is More Ripped Than You Will Ever Be

Mini Bruce Lee

Fists of fury.

If you have kids, then you probably have high hopes for what they will achieve in their life. Most people hope for experts in maths, English, science or sports, but just imagine they were a prodigy at kicking ass.

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That’s exactly what 7-year-old Ryusei “Ryuji” Imaj from Japan is all about. A couple of years back this kid hit the headlines after he impeccably recreated Bruce Lee’s nunchuk scene from ‘Game of Death’.

Legend. Known as the ‘Mini Bruce Lee’, this shredded sensation has been learning martial arts from movies since he was just aged one. And now six years later the kid has an absolutely incredible YouTube channel and 33,000 fans in Instagram. He’s killing it basically. Check out some of his martial arts exploits he’s shared online:

Some people were just born to kick ass.

Now we just need to find a mini-Chuck Norris and get them to have the ultimate martial arts showdown.


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