Who Would Win In A Fight? Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee?

Chuck Norris Bruce Lee

The age old question.

OK, so I know both of these dudes were actors, they were both trained in differing martial arts techniques and there’s even been a Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee film, but this debate still chimes on decades after the burning question was thrown from the lips of martial art fans and movie geeks across the world. And still people aren’t decided.

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Bruce was smaller than Chuck, but he was more nimble. Chuck was a professional competitor whereas Bruce was more of a teacher. The arguments go back and forth like a… well, like a martial arts battle I guess. Now I’m no professional, but I am partial to a martial arts movie binge every now and then, so I decided to break down each side’s strength and weaknesses to see if I could get to the bottom of the age old question: who would win in a fight? Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris?

MMA Background

Bruce Lee 

Compared to a lot of MMA fighters or boxers, Bruce Lee avoided, as best possible, getting bashed around. He was more trained in the art of self-defence. He started teaching Gung Fu at a young age before developing his own martial art named Jeet Kune Do, which was held up with a philosophical foundation. After this he became a famed actor in the martial arts genre.

He was involved in a couple of fights, but while he was into the philosophy, training and teaching of martial arts, he wasn’t much of a competitor, which might be seen as a weak spot when battling with Chuck Norris. He was nimble, fearless and had some killer moves however – he also had a strong knowledge of submission grappling.

MMA Background: 4/5


Chuck Norris

Like Bruce, Chuck was also a teacher of martial arts, but unlike Bruce, he was also a competitive fighter. Chuck’s background proves that he was a six-time undefeated World Professional Middle Weight Karate Champion and the first man from the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an eighth degree Black Belt Grand Master ranking in Tae Kwon Do. He’s an absolute badman basically.

Like Bruce, Chuck also created his own martial art called Chun Kik Do, which included elements from every combat style he knows. Which is a lot.

MMA Background: 5/5


Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee played his first acting role in the 1971 movie ‘The Big Boss’, which proved to be a huge success and acted as the springboard to his fame. From then on he went to make a shit load of other successful martial arts films including ‘Enter the Dragon’ and ‘Fists of Fury’.

Bruce became a bit of a worldwide hero as he popularised martial arts and inspired millions to get into this ancient practice. His blend of physical prowess and spiritual wisdom are what make him a true cultural icon.

Signature on-screen move: The Straight Blast.

Stardom: 5/5

Chuck Norris

Chuck first made it to the big screen in 1969 with the Dean Martin film ‘The Wrecking Crew’. Obviously he was also well known for acting as Bruce’s nemesis in the movie ‘Way of the Dragon’ as well as being a prominent star in many Cannon Films. By the end of the 1980s, this company’s popularity started to dwindle, as did Chuck’s star appeal, which is why he started transitioning over to television.

In terms of other publicised pursuits, Chuck is a vocal supporter of the NRA, a strong Christian and a financial supporter of the Republican party. Ew.

Stardom: 4/5 


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Bruce Lee 

Bruce Lee was 5’77’’ and weighed around 135lb. As said, he was lean and nimble but very well sculpted. He was famed for innovating new training methods and conditioning his body to the level of top athletes.

Physique: 4/5

Chuck Norris 

Chuck famously had a bit of height and weight on Bruce. He was around 5’10’’ and weight about 160lb. Plus Chuck was built like a brick shithouse.

Physique: 5/5 


Bruce Lee: 13/15

Chuck Norris: 14/15

So there we have it. It was a close one, but Chuck Norris won. You might not agree with me but I don’t care. I’m no expert – I just think Chuck Norris is an absolute badman.


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