The 7 Types Of Hangover

The 7 types of hangover we all suffer and never learn from.

2. The Food Obsessed Hangover

munch hangover

Regardless of whether you forced your taxi driver to park outside the nearest kebab van where you were meant to ‘quickly run and get something’, finalised with your taxi driver F-ing and blinding because you’ve taken at least an hour deciding what you want as the black ink on the menu merged into one big blurry block of nothing or you dreamt about shoving an entire Domino’s pizza into your face – food takes over your mind. You enter a wallowing hole of self-pity that can only be cured by some form of food that requires minimal effort to make. You might be right at the bottom of your overdraft, but £10 is completely justified when you can get the Domino’s you dreamt about delivered directly to your door.

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