The 7 Types Of Hangover

The 7 types of hangover we all suffer and never learn from.

Hangovers are possibly one of the worst things we inflict upon ourselves, a non-negotiable part of any night where your only thought process is “avin it large”. They can alter from stomach churning to complete inability to move nor speak. Yet, nearly every hangover (9/10 times) comes with a wild tale that you’ll remember for quite some time – and probably regret for how ever long it takes for your mates to forget. Here are 7 types of hangovers that I’m sure most of us have experienced.

1. The ‘Basic’

the basic

This garden-variety hangover is usually the result of a ‘quick one after work’, where any device with the time on becomes a motionless image, and the more bevvies consumed, the more profound the realisation when the clocks ‘come back to life’ and you clock you have commitments to apply one-self to the next day. Like the common cold, it’s not debilitating, but it does make functioning and performing the simplest of tasks aggravating.

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