69 Year Old Man Claiming To Be Hitler’s Last Relative Convicted Of Kissing A Schoolgirl

Of course he has.

If you’re bouncing around claiming that you’re the last living relative of Hitler and have some weirdass head tattoo, then chances are that you’re gonna be a bit of a dickhead and 69 year old Romano-Lukas Hitler has happily decided to prove us right.

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Romano-Lukas (gonna call him that to avoid any confusion in this article) reckons that he’s related to Hitler through Hitler’s father Alois and is the only person in the world currently using his name. Apparently he uses it on his passport, his German ID card, his bank account and his rental contract for his home in the East German city of Goerlitz, but feels like the name has hindered him in finding work and describes it as a cross to bear that he wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Despite this, it’s also been said that he’s got a picture of Adolf Hitler in his home. You would also think you probably wouldn’t want to draw attention to the fact that you might be a bit weird by getting your head tattooed with some weird symbol, but clearly Romano-Lukas didn’t think of that. Good thing he’s a perfectly rounded normal person then hey?

Well, it would be if he was but unfortunately Romano-Lukas is also somewhat of a creep, as recently he’s been found guilty of kissing a 13 year old girl after he became obsessed with her when he visited the family house to try and buy a garage. Here’s what the girl’s father Piotr had to say about it all:

I had put a garage up for sale and Hitler answered the advert.

But when he turned up he didn’t seem to have much interest in the garage, only in Ania.

He lured her to his flat with sweets, brought her clothes and plastic flowers and even offered to marry her.

When she told me he had kissed her, I banned her from seeing him.

See – it’s confusing when someone says Hitler and not Romano-Lukas hey? Almost forgot who we were talking about.

Romano-Lukas claimed he was innocent and said that when he kissed Ania it was purely a platonic greeting, but it’s still kinda weird that a 69 year old is hanging out with a 13 year old- especially one like Romano-Lukas – so I guess they didn’t believe him. Can’t really blame them to be honest.

He was found guilty and fined 800 Euros. I guess that’s all it costs to kiss underage girls in Germany.

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