A 65 Year Old Russian Singer Has Revealed She Regularly Masturbates Betweens Shows

Don’t ever deny yourself anything.

I’ve often thought about how professional singers and musicians keep themselves entertained when they’re on tour as they get older and can’t go out partying every night anymore and it turns out that it’s almost as salacious as the infamous rock and roll lifestyle: they just spend all their time wanking.

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This information comes courtesy of 65 year old Russian singer Lyubov Uspenskaya who said the following in a recent interview:

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There’s no need to be coy about this. What is wrong with masturbation?

I believe we all know what it is, and that it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

What else do you do when you have to travel all the time and need to relax somehow?

I hope that everyone is able to relax while travelling for work.

Never deny yourself anything.

If you have beautiful boobs, always abandon the bra.

The most important thing is that your nipples are nice. They should be pink and erect.

Well, certainly sounds like she doesn’t want to mince her words and wants everyone to know exactly how she feels about everything hey, and why not? More power to you sister and I hope you enjoy your wanks for years to come and inspire other people to do so as well. Respect.

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