65-Year-Old Lady Fights Cop And Gets Tased TWICE Over Broken Tail Light

Must watch video.

It’s all good to stand up for yourself and know your rights and whatnot when dealing with the police, but I wish this 65-year-old lady didn’t choose to be so difficult when dealing with this police officer over a broken tail light.

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That being said, how the hell can you bring yourself to tase a 65-year-old woman not once, but twice? Here’s what happened when Debra Hamil, 65, was pulled over in Cashion, Oklahoma last week and asked how long her light had been broken:

Obviously an awful situation but also… kinda funny? All that over an $80 ticket which she thought she didn’t deserve because she had been honest about how long the bulb had been broken. In hindsight she probably shouldn’t have been so honest because obviously you’re going to get a fine if you’ve been driving around like that for six months. He might have let her off if she said it had broken that morning or whatever.

KOCO reports that Hamil has now been charged with felony assault on a police officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Poor grandma.

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