6 Weirdest Natural Places To Visit



3) Vale da Lua – Brazil

Weird Places - Vale da Lua Brazil - Moon Valley - Close Up

Vale da Lua means Moon Valley and it’s easy to see why it might have picked up that title. It’s located in the Chapada dos Veadeiros region, which is an area thought to have been formed 1.8 billion years ago. So yeah, it’s pretty old. It was formed before Coronation Street was even written.

Weird Places - Vale da Lua Brazil - Moon Valley - Climber

They are some of the oldest rock formations on the planet and because of that and the fact they are mental looking they have attracted weirdos. Alternative, hippy, holistic, crystal babblers like to use the quartz found there for its “healing properties”. Give me a break.

Weird Places - Vale da Lua Brazil - Moon Valley - Bather

What gives them their odd shape? Well, the only answers I got from Mr Internet were water and lava. So I don’t think there was anything particularly weird going on here, they’ve just had an incredibly long time to turn an odd shape.

4) Stone Forest – China

Weird Places - Stone Forest - China long

These stony lumps are trees that were turned to stone by a magical wizard in the 4th century BC. Only joking, they were caused by the dissolution of limestone and have been stood around for about 270 million years.

Weird Places - Stone Forest - China

These structures are to be found in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province and attract loads of tourists each year.

Weird Places - Stone Forest - From the air

The area was at one point in time covered by ocean, as this retracted it deposited limestone. As years flew by in their millions the rocks eroded down to what we see today.

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