6 Weirdest Natural Places To Visit



5) Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave – Austria

Weird Places - Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves - Tourists

Eisriesenwelt is German for “world of the ice giants” = cool. The Eisriesenwelt cave is a natural limestone ice cave located in Werfen, Austria and it’s huge. It is the biggest natural ice cave in the world and extends more than 42km.

Weird Places - Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves - Austria

The first kilometre of cave is constantly coated in ice. During the winter the cold winds blow in and turn the snow to ice and in the summer a cold wind from within the bowels of the cave blows through and keeps it icy.

Weird Places - Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves - Water Fall

Thousands visit the cave each year if you want to have a look? It’s open from early May to late October FYI.

6) Pink Lake – Australia

Weird Places - Pink Lake - Western Australia

I promise this isn’t a Photoshop job, honest, you can trust me. The reasons for it being called Pink Lake are fairly clear, and it’s situated in the wilds of the Goldfields-Esperance region, Western Australia.

Weird Places - Pink Lake - Western Australia Helicopter

The lake isn’t always pink, only if the salinity and temperatures are high enough does it start to turn camp. Pink Lake owes its ridiculous hue to (paradoxically) green algae and/or brine prawn.

Weird Places - Pink Lake - Western Australia closer

This isn’t the only pink lake in the world either, they can also be found in Senegal, Canada, Spain, Australia and Azerbaijan.

It’s a shame none of these amazing places are anywhere near England? Oh well. I’ll make do with a trip to Blackpool “pleasure” beach instead.

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