VIDEO: 50 Cent Explains What Happened In The Jay Z & Solange Knowles Fight

50 Cent

The most annoying thing about that Solange/Jay Z fight video is that there’s no audio. Fortunately, 50 Cent is here to help us out with that problem.

So the question on everyone’s lips today has been just why the hell did Solange Knowles beat up Jay Z in an elevator the other week!? I’m sure you’ve all seen the clip by now and probably have your own theories (I think it might have been something to do with Beyonce? Just a vague suspicion there) but thankfully 50 cent has come forward to tell us all exactly what was happening in that elevator.

In a video that was posted on his Instagram account (and then swiftly deleted) 50 provided his own narration of what was going on in that elevator along with the caption ‘jay you did the right thing keep’ Unsurprisingly, his version of events isn’t very useful or even that funny, but hey I guess he’s getting one over on Jay Z by putting this out there, right? No?

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