5 Terrifying Modern Military Inventions

If you’ve got billions of bucks to splash on arming your country you’re bound to come up with some amazing kit. And that’s what the US have done.

2) Matador Rocket Launcher

Mad Weapons - Matador Rocket Launcher

At first glance this looks like a standard rocket launcher, if a little bit snazzier than normal. But this bit of kit is pretty amazing. It’s been specifically designed for use in close quarter battles, either indoors or in urban settings and has a double detonation function.

The timing between detonations can be altered before firing, so if you want it to blast through a thick wall you set the timer to do two blasts in close succession and obliterate it. Or, you set it further apart so that it blows through the wall and then explodes on the other side once it’s broken through, killing the occupants.

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