5 Simple Steps To Ensure You Won’t Get Laid

Easily avoidable but unfortunately oh so common, here are 5 steps not to make if you don’t want to sleep alone tonight.

4. Being Egocentric
Don’t get me wrong girls love confidence. It’s amazing what it can do for a man. You might consider someone less attractive aesthetically, but with the right level of self-esteem they can make you gravitate towards them. There is however a fine line between confidence and egotistical arrogance. Talking about yourself constantly doesn’t make me like you, in fact, it does quite the opposite. I think it’s great you built houses in Ghana when you were 19, or that you have a love affair with protein and guzzle down those egg whites for breakfast, but you haven’t even asked me if I’m having a good night,which I’m not, mainly because you wont stop talking. In all honesty what you’re saying has merged into a dull blur and all that’s running through my head is that if you’re this selfish with conversation, it must be a similar affair in the bedroom.

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