5 Reasons To Stick Around In Serbia After EXIT Festival

Serbia is a pretty fascinating place, so once your party has played out why not take in a bit of science, abandoned buildings and concrete monsters?

4) Avala Tower

What To See In Serbia - Avala Tower

Who doesn’t love a massive telecommunications tower? No one that’s who. The Avala Tower stands a proud 204.5 m tall on top of Avala mountain on the outskirts of Belgrade and weighs 4,000 tonnes.

What To See In Serbia - Avala Tower base

It’s currently the tallest tower in the Balkan region. When it was finished in 1965 it was the only tower in the world to have an equilateral triangle as its cross-section, and one of very few towers not perched directly into the ground, but standing on its legs. Put that in your pipe.

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