400 Days Looks Like It Could Be The Most Intense Movie Of The Year

400 Days

Four aspiring astronauts are locked in a 400 day deep space simulation, and slowly begin to lose their minds as they wonder if it’s actually a simulation or not.

400 days tells the story of four astronauts who are locked in a simulation of a deep space mission, hoping to look at the effects that such an undertaking would have on the human mind and body. Predictably, they slowly begin to go insane as they wonder whether or not the simulation is actually real or not and it looks like it’s going to be an intense as hell trip judging by the trailer below.

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Wow, I’m sure you’ll agree that that looks like an absolute mind fuck and it will be interesting to watch it through and find out whether it’s actually a simulation or whether it’s actually happening or if everyone involved in it is just batshit insane. You can bet there’s probably a pretty neat twist at the end too.

The only flag I can really see about it not being that good is that it’s made by the SyFy channel and I don’t think they’ve ever been responsible for anything good – except maybe Sharknado, but it’s debatable whether or not that’s actually good – but hopefully this won’t be complete and utter dog turd. I could see it going on to enjoy the same kind of cult status as a movie like Cube if it actually works out.

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