This 300 Pound Woman Murdered Her 120 Pound Boyfriend By Sitting On His Face

300 Pound Woman

What a way to go.

If you had to pick a way to die, I’m fairly certain that being suffocated by your girlfriend’s fat ass wouldn’t be anywhere near the top ten. Unfortunately very few of us pick how they want to end up going though and this is exactly how 44 year old Keeno Butler kicked the bucket recently.

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Butler had been drinking all night with his 44 year old 300 pound girlfriend Windi Thomas when the pair got into an argument about something and she went absolutely crazy, ripping off a table leg and beating him repeatedly with it until finally smothering him with her body until he suffocated to death. What a grim way to end it all.


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Thomas plead guilty to third degree murder on Monday and could now face between 16 and 32 years in jail for it. Whilst she did plead guilty her lawyers insisted that Butler’s death was an accident after she fell on top of him and couldn’t get up, causing him to choke. The prosecution argued that she had intended to harm him though due to all the times she had whacked him with the table leg.

Hard to argue with that really, although it sounded like she was pretty beat up about it and probably didn’t intent to actually kill him but just rough him up a bit. RIP Keeno Butler.

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