The 30 Year Old Whose Parents Evicted Him Gave A Painfully Awkward Interview On CNN

Michael Rotondo

This story just gets worse and worse.

Yesterday we bought you the ridiculous story of a couple of parents who had to go to court to get their 30 year old son Michael Rotondo evicted from their home. The judge supported their claim and now he’s gotta go, but it doesn’t look like that’s the end of the story by any means as CNN’s Brooke Baldwin decided to completely and utterly grill him in a really awkward interview that you can see below.

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Rotondo is actually fairly reasonable here in this interview, but he still comes across as a bit of a loser and a dickhead about the whole situation. Brooke Baldwin probably comes across worse though as she just constantly rinses him and asks him questions that make him sound like a big baby.

I think there’s a bit of a bad connection on the interview too which makes the presenter’s questions and Rotondo’s answers even more awkward, kinda like she’s a parent and scolding him for still living there. The whole thing is a deeply uncomfortable exchange between two adults:

So yeah, she was kind of a complete and utter bitch to him eh? I liked the way she implied he was gay by mentioning a boyfriend before she mentioned a girlfriend and then also corrected him when he said he wasn’t a millennial. Classic negs. So much sympathy for him when she said her heart went out to him about his son too. Bitch.

I’m not sure what to make of Rotondo though. On the one hand some of the stuff he’s saying is kind of reasonable – it must really suck having to try and figure out an appeal so he can get visitation rights to his son, it is actually pretty difficult to just move house on a couple of day’s notice – but on the other it sounds like he hasn’t worked or given his parents any money for letting him live there and on top of that has been a complete jerk to them, so you can’t really blame them for wanting him out.It just seems so unreasonable of them to evict him despite his behaviour – you’ve gotta think that surely there was some way they could have resolved this situation amicably. Just be adults about it guys.

Completely ridiculous he’s milking television coverage of it too. I suppose he’s probably getting some money for it as well, but does the guy have no shame or feel even the slightest bit of embarrassment about his situation? Seriously.

For more on this, check out the story on him yesterday. Even more stupid.


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