Judge Sides With Parents Who Are Evicting Their 30 Year Old Deadbeat Son From Their House


Hitting rock bottom.

Everyone knows someone who has outstayed their welcome at their family home for whatever reason, and it’s usually a source of embarrassment for everyone involved and a situation that nobody really wants to be in. It’s just not ideal for anyone involved really.

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You normally hope that such a set of circumstances can eventually be amicably resolved but in the case of 30 year old Michael Rotondo from Syracuse, New York it seems like this is an impossibility. Michael runs some kind of ‘website business; but was forced to move back in with his parents when things weren’t going so well and it now sounds like they’ve finally reached the end of their tether with him as they’re now forcibly evicting him.

That might sound a bit extreme but it sounds as if Michael has been a complete asshole about it all. Not only did his parents offer to give him $1100 to help him find a place of his own, but Michael actually took this money and still refused to move out. That’s a major dick move. On top of that he’s regularly disrespectful to them, doesn’t contribute to any bills and doesn’t help around the house at all.

As such, his parents actually issued notices to remove him from their household back in February and have been forced to sue him in order to get him to leave. This culminated with a Supreme Court hearing this week where the judge sided with his parents and told him to get out.

You can see a news report on the incident below:

Damn that’s harsh. But it does sound like Rotondo is being a complete dick about this – it doesn’t sound like he has a job, he isn’t helping around the house at all and is a complete asshole to his parents whilst he’s staying there and is also a deadbeat dad on top of all that. Not much going for him there really is there eh? Why would you let someone like that stay at your house, even if he is your son?

Hopefully this is the kick in the ass that he needs to fix up and turn his life around – maybe if he spent half as much time looking for a job as he did on defending himself in this case then he might be able to sort himself out. Good luck pal.

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