Watch This Cannibal Dad Eat His Wife’s Raw Placenta With His Morning Fry-Up


Vomit inducing.

A man named Ross Watson did the unthinkable by eating his wife Heather’s “edible and nutritious” placenta with his morning fry-up. Just why? It’s bad enough that some mums do this, but to actually eat someone else’s afterbirth is completely repugnant.

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The 32-year-old chowed down on a plate of some raw placenta cutlets, as well as some cooked pieces, all the while washing it down with baked beans and sausages. After posting the clip, Watson said it tasted like a bad steak. Grimy.

Does that make him a cannibal? Since going viral, many commenters on the video think so. I guess it does, although he didn’t kill anyone in the process – except maybe his taste buds.

Still, I guess good on him for being brave and all that. For more gross afterbirth stories (if you’re into that sort of thing), check out these artworks made out of umbilical cords.


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