26 Pictures Of Men Wearing Exquisite Trousers

It’s not fair. Girls can wear whatever colours and patterns they like, but us men are stuck with dowdy or denim. It’s time for some brave trousers…

Old School

Brave Trousers Bad Pants - Old - King Charles II

Back in the dark old days people seemed to put a lot more emphasis on trouser skills in general. These paintings are all of monarchs, and I guess they had an infinite amount of time and cash to spend on their look. You could argue that most of these are tights rather than trousers, but I think the general spirit is the same…

This is Louis XIII, check out the friggin‘ shoes man!?

Brave Trousers Bad Pants - Old - Louis XIII

Tight look:

Brave Trousers Bad Pants - Old - Prince Regent

I mean… imagine wearing some silky red trousers with a gold trim as you swaggered down Hackney High Street… go on, imagine it.

Brave Trousers Bad Pants - Old - Prince Rupert of the Rhine

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